MEGAMIGS is Canada's video game gathering that brings together industry professionals and the general public.

The MEGA+MIGS team is working hard to prepare a 2020 edition that will live up to our industry's expectations: dynamic, creative and rewarding!

With two virtual events:

● 25 and 26 September 2020: Training and Careers

● 12 and 13 November 2020: Business development, Speakers and Industry showcase

Stay tuned for our news and, in these times of COVID-19, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Women in Video Games

Come discuss industry representation during this networking lunch!

Women In Video Games

Presented by Alliance Numérique and Concertation Montreal, made possible with the financial partnership of Reflector, join us for a roundtable event that means to discuss long-term solutions that will give women working and studying in video games the agency, opportunities and accolades they deserve.

Alliance Numérique and Concertation Montreal are proud to invite you to this networking lunch that means to gather women working and studying in the video game and digital entertainment industries.

Throughout our workshop, you’ll be invited to determine concrete actions meant to support the communities of female professionals, students, and the next generation of women developers working in these fields, as well as collectively determining future initiatives. Women with inspiring profiles will also be present to initiate discussions.

The event is free and availabilities are limited, so don’t wait and sign up now!

WHERE? = TD Gallery Lounge – 305 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, QC H2X 2A3

WHEN? = Wednesday November 20th, 11am to 2pm

WHY? = To network and strategize with other supporters of women’s roles in the industry.



Alliance Numérique regroups and represents the video game businesses of Quebec. Its mission is to spotlight and communicate this sector’s achievements and contributions to the media, to government decision-makers, and to the public.


Concertation Montreal (CMTL) initiates and supports a series of innovative and structuring regional initiatives. This event is a part of their Montreal Movement for Girls and Coding (MMFC), which aims to maximize the potential of Montreal-based initiatives meant to help more girls and young women develop skills for the future.


Established in Montreal, Reflector is an entertainment studio working with the best talent and producing engaging content for audiences worldwide. Thanks to a transmedia approach focused first and foremost on worldbuilding or “Storyworlds”, the company succeeds in creating original properties that enthrall fans on multiple platforms.