Those seeking adventure and excitement are welcome in the table-top roleplaying game section!

Table-top RPG

This year again, you and your friend will have the opportunity to enjoy a game of tabletop Role-playing-game! Come visit that section to learn more about that great game and participate in a quick game of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition with other visitors or friends!

In 1974, a duo of gaming fanatics created a game that would revolutionize the game itself. They have laid the foundations for what will become a phenomenon for years to come: role-playing games. It is therefore appropriate that the role play be showcased during MEGA+MIGS.


You will have the chance to play a game of different length depending on your preference. The short versions will last around 30 minutes, while the long ones will be about 2 hours! It’ll all be animated by the kind folks from the Adventurers League, and they’ll provide premade characters too, but why not bring your own too! They will also provide every other material needed!

Take advantage of your visit to the role-playing area to try an authentic Dungeon & Dragon arcade terminal, provided by the Adventurers League. A real throwback for all the nostalgic out there!

Don’t miss the role-playing section supported by the Adventurers League, either to discover a new hobby or to take a break from the exhibition!