MEGAMIGS is Canada's video game gathering that brings together industry professionals and the general public.

The MEGA+MIGS team is working hard to prepare a 2020 edition that will live up to our industry's expectations: dynamic, creative and rewarding!

With two virtual events:

● 25 and 26 September 2020: Training and Careers

● 12 and 13 November 2020: Business development, Speakers and Industry showcase

Stay tuned for our news and, in these times of COVID-19, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Rhum Mentoring

Learn all the tricks with mentors from the industry 

rhum Mentoring

Whether you’re a student looking to get a head start, a recent graduate in search of your first job, or a young professional hoping to take the next major step in your career, our “Mentoring with rhum” event is for you!

Candidates will be paired up with established industry professionals from their respective disciplines for a 20-minute, one-on-one review of their portfolios, demo reels, or other relevant projects to present during an interview. You won’t only find precise, critical feedback relevant to the needs of your field, but discover new avenues for career-hunting and strategies to stand out from the pack in what is becoming an increasingly competitive creative industry.

Availabilities for the event are limited, so don’t wait and sign up below today!



  • Candidates must have a portfolio or equivalent available to present.
  • Candidates must make themselves available on either November 18th or November 19th between 3pm and 5pm.
  • Candidates must possess a general admission ticket for MEGA+MIGS in order to attend the mentoring event.


WHERE? = Kiosk # 1261: Carrefour SYNTHÈSE – The MEGA+MIGS crossroads for professionals, professors, researchers, students, and game industry hopefuls.

WHEN? = November 18th and 19th 2019, from 3pm to 5pm

WHY? = To get personal professional feedback on your work, suggestions on how to improve, and solutions for finding lasting employment in the game industry.

Activity presented by

This event was made possible in partnership with rhum humans and resources, a multidisciplinary company specialized in attracting, acquiring, and managing creative talent from all fields.