Come celebrate independant games with the MIGA !

MIGA Awards

Come discover the world of indie games – designed by your friendly neighborhood developers!

The Montreal Independant Game Awards (MIGA) will feature a ceremony during MEGA that celebrates the achievements of locally-made Indie Games.

The purpose of the MIGA is to provide visibility for indie game developers and reward them for their hard work. Each of these prizes will be awarded to a different company, providing them with recognition for their work with a trophy and a development grant.

Come discover the expansive hidden world of Montreal-made indie games, and vote for your favorites to win!

The different award categories are:

-Gameplay Design-

-Narrative Design-

-Art Direction-


-Sound Design-



-Social Impact-

-Best in Show-

-Crowd Favorite-

-New Challenger-


To learn more and see past years’ winners, visit MIGA’s official website.