MEGAMIGS is Canada's video game gathering that brings together industry professionals and the general public.

The MEGA+MIGS team is working hard to prepare a 2020 edition that will live up to our industry's expectations: dynamic, creative and rewarding!

With two virtual events:

● 25 and 26 September 2020: Training and Careers

● 12 and 13 November 2020: Business development, Speakers and Industry showcase

Stay tuned for our news and, in these times of COVID-19, take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Learn from the best!

If you desire to advance in your work field, there’s no better way than to learn directly from an expert in your discipline.

In collaboration with TECHNOCompétences, we bring you an occasion to learn and progress in your work field or to learn something new.
Whatever you level of knowledge and professional advancement, there is a class for everyone.

On November 20th we invite you to take part in one of the masterclasses we have to offer this year.

The classes are reserved to company’s employees of Quebec and the employee’s salary can also be reimbursed up to a maximum of $20/hour for the duration of the class.
All the class participants will receive a lunch included and the required material for the class will also be included.
You are welcomed to bring you own material if desired.

Take a look bellow for more information on the available classes.

If you want to get more information contact kevin@kalikoprod.com.
You can also contact ventes@megamigs.com to book a class.


In partnership with


Bastien Humeau

Empower Your Workflow by Extending Unity Tooling

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Eric Martel

Sticking to Your Plans: Pragmatic Goal Oriented Action Planning

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Ian Schreiber

Balancing Games

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Oscar Clark

Letting Your Game Live: A Masterclass to Prepare for Live Ops

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Rachele Doimo

Art Direction for Videogames

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Tracy Boungnaseng

Creating Actionable Insights With Your Data Using Storytelling and Well-Structured Dashboards

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Only employees from the Province of Quebec have access to the Masterclass program.
To verify your eligibility, consult TECHNOCompétences’s Enrollement Policy.

Benefit from $ 20 / hour of salary reimbursement on all TECHNOCompétences trainings!
For more information, consult TECHNOCompétences’ Wage Reimbursement Policy.