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I would like to know more about the accesses of each ticket.

👉  Visit our ticket office!


I bought the wrong type of ticket, what can I do?

👉  Contact us and we’ll help you solve the situation as soon as possible.


I can’t attend MEGAMIGS, can I give my ticket to someone else?

👉  We can transfer the ticket once before the start of the event, contact us for assistance.


Are the conferences available online after the event?

👉  Yes, on PINE in the REPLAY tab.


How long after the event will the conferences be accessible?

👉  There will be a period of exclusivity on the PINE platform for a minimum of 4 weeks. Following this, MEGAMIGS will make the videos publicly available on a platform to be confirmed. This will be announced on our social networks.


Are there media passes available?

👉  To obtain a media pass, please contact us directly. We will contact you as soon as possible to validate your accreditation!


Is the 2020 edition 100% virtual?

👉  Yes! Everything takes place on our PINE platform.


I am deaf or hard of hearing, can I attend the conferences?

👉  The content will not be subtitled live. It is possible to adjust the sound of the content, but the transcript will not be available during the conferences.


In which language will the activities take place?

👉  The vast majority of the conferences will be in English. The language is specified in the descriptions of each conferences on the schedule.


What is the difference between showcases and a booth?

👉  Showcases are presentation activities on a virtual stage where exhibitors will be able to present different games. These presentations can be used to announce upcoming or recently published games as well as to broadcast live game sessions.

👉  A virtual booth is a space dedicated to one of our many exhibitors so that visitors can learn more about their company, games, products or services.


Do you have another question?

Please contact us!





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