Exhibitor Registration



Enjoy an exceptional showcase!

The exhibiting companies are at the heart of the activities offered to the participants of the event. Come promote your brand to our community during the festival, whether through visibility or activation.

You decide on your own programming and activities, we take care of the logistics. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your company and introduce your new products to a passionate community!

What we offer exhibitors during their participation at MEGAMIGS:
👉 On-site visibility to all visitors;
👉 Programming activities for your studio on the exhibition space stage, accessible to all ticket holders;
👉 Tickets for MEGAMIGS as general admission, conference and/or PRO;
👉 Preferential rate on event tickets;
👉 Preferential rate for hotel rooms;
👉 Access to the MEGA Gros Party – official MEGAMIGS party;
👉 Exhibitors’ lounge, with internet access and free coffee.

Click here for more information on the different types of kiosks and services available to you.



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