MEGAMIGS is Canada's video game gathering that brings together industry professionals and the general public.

The MEGA+MIGS team is working hard to prepare a 2020 edition that will live up to our industry's expectations: dynamic, creative and rewarding!

With two virtual events:

● 25 and 26 September 2020: Training and Careers

● 12 and 13 November 2020: Business development, Speakers and Industry showcase

Stay tuned for our news and, in these times of COVID-19, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Espresso-Jobs Job Fair

Come discover Espresso-Jobs’ recruitment services, meant for both employers and job-seekers!

Espresso-Jobs Job Fair

Are you looking the industry’s new hot talents? Or are you a young professional looking to land your dream job? MEGA+MIGS has the event for you!

Welcome to the Espresso-Jobs Job Fair – a partnership between Espresso-Jobs and MIGS! In order to assist with the Quebec video game industry’s recruiting process, Espresso-Jobs will be on site to present a variety of recruitment services, events and workshops for both recruiters and new recruits! If you’re looking to expand your business, or take your first steps towards becoming a game industry professional, you won’t want to miss this!

JOB-SEEKERS: Every job offer posted by our MIGS partners will be published on our website’s dedicated job board, and will also be available on-site at MIGS at our Recruitment Zone. Come by our booth to check out our job postings, meet the companies you’ll be applying to and take part in our recruiter speed-dating event!

EMPLOYERS: Espresso-Jobs will be offering all MIGS partners free unlimited job postings on their website from November 4th to December 3rd! It’s their way to help out the video game industry in Quebec, and to encourage its growth. You can learn more by visiting our booth at MIGS, or by clicking the “LEARN MORE” button below!


WHEN – Tuesday November 18th and 19th, from 10am to 6pm

WHERE – MEGA+MIGS Show Floor, 200 Rue de La Commune, Grand Quai, Montreal QC H2Y 4B2

WHY – To discover rising stars of the game industry, or discover employment opportunities within local game studios.




Founded in 2008, Espresso-Jobs is the Number 1 job site for jobs in information technology (IT) jobs in Quebec. They define their mission as assisting small and mid-range businesses by offering them the most affordable recruitment platform in the industry, and the one best suited to their needs. By doing so, they put the industry’s best companies in contact with the industry’s most promising new talents.