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Education zone: welcome to schools!

10 May 2021 EDUCATION

Are you a private or public educational institution?

MEGAMIGS thought of you and your students. Take advantage of the infrastructure and many perks offered by the event to promote your institution and deepen the knowledge of your students!

Discounts on booths
This year’s virtual expo features an education zone specifically designed for educational institutions. A virtual showcase and a 20-minute presentation are included in each booth, for which MEGAMIGS offers a 25% discount.

Discount on tickets
Want to take a virtual field trip? For any purchase of 30 conference tickets (or more), the price per unit is $60 (regular price: $145).

You can also offer a special rate of $75 on conference tickets for your students. Ask us for your promo code!

This year, SYNTHESE presents its Education Stage highlighting programs and careers in video games. Take advantage of this entire ecosystem around education to showcase your content!

For the public educational institutions that will take a booth*, a thirty-minute free conference is offered on the Education stage to let you showcase your content! SYNTHESE is also offering an additional 20% discount on all booth purchases.

You can also present a short promotional video during the interstices between two conferences.

If you are a professor with an active course load, you may qualify for a free ticket. Contact SYNTHESE to find out.



  • Available only to public schools and educational institutions
  • The Early Bird rate is available until 31 May for educational institutions. MEGAMIGS offers a 25% discount and SYNTHESIS an additional 20%.
  • Any type of kiosk gives you access
  • Maximum of 2 speakers per presentation
  • Limited places : first come, first serve basis


About SYNTHÈSE – Pôle Image Québec: Québec’s department of education and higher education (Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur-MEES) created SYNTHÈSE – Pôle Image Québec to meet future challenges in the fields of visual effects and animation, video games, immersive environments, large-scale digital installations, and virtual reality. The organization helps key players in teaching, research and design connect with digital creation businesses in pursuit of a common goal: advance knowledge, provide quality training, promote artistic, scientific, and technological innovation in all forms and ensure the vitality of the Québec industry. Website:

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Education Zone, presented by SYNTHÈSE, Pôle Image Québec

Aug 10 2020


EDUCATION ZONE presented by SYNTHÈSE, Pôle Image Québec!


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