Education Zone

Learn what higher education has to offer!



MEGA+MIGS is committed to preserving the game industry’s future…and the first step to reaching that goal is giving the next generation of developers the tools they need to succeed.

MEGA+MIGS is partnering with SYNTHÈSE – Pôle Image Québec, in order to create an area at the event dedicated to educational and recruitment activities, as well as higher education programs in the video game field.


Education Zone presented by SYNTHÈSE

In this zone, you’ll find schools and community colleges presenting their game design and development curriculums, as well as professional services for students, job-seekers, and game companies alike. You’ll learn about different education establishments, different career paths in the industry, and how to find employment within it.


Carrefour SYNTHÈSE: The Crossroads for professionals, professors, researchers, students, and game industry hopefuls

Set in the heart of MEGA+MIGS, Carrefour SYNTHÈSE will help you discover 3D animation, visual effects, virtual reality, digital art, immersive interactive experiences, and higher learning programs in dozens of other game industry disciplines. Events, panels, activities and more will be available throughout MEGA+MIGS right here!



Video Game Quiz

Think you know video games? Prove it! Come put your gaming knowledge to the test on Saturday November 16th and Sunday November 17th from 11am to 4pm.

You’ll face off against fans, students, and industry professionals alike in this 10-question quiz where you can learn new things and win huge prizes!

Mentoring with rhum

Made possible with the help of rhum: humans and resources, this mentorship activity will pair students, graduates and young professionals with industry experts for a one-on-one interview coaching session.


Hosted by a Mitacs representative, this conference will help you discover research support programs that promote creative thinking and partnerships between major companies and trailblazing academics.