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04 August 2020 MEGAMIGS

The #1 B2B2C event in the Canadian video game industry will offer a unique 2020 formula: two virtual events that meet the industry’s various needs, such as recruitment, business development and international outreach.

Save the dates : September 25-26 and November 12-13, 2020.


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Congratulations to the Excellence Awards’ winners

Dec 03 2020


Congratulations to the Excellence Awards' winners

Excellence Awards ceremony is in a week!

Nov 26 2020


Excellence Awards ceremony is in a week! The awards ceremony will be held December 3rd, 5pm EST 👇👇 Livestream will be on youtube👇👇 FINALISTS BY CATEGORY Best Design/Playability • Davigo (Davigo Studio) • Operation: Tango (Clever Plays Studio) • Playcraft (Bebop Games) • Rain on Your Parade (Unbound Creations) • Someday You’ll Return (CBE Software) […]


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