Excellence Awards ceremony

Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to the Excellence Awards’ winners

03 December 2020 MEGAMIGS

Here are the Excellence Awards’ winners

Watch the the ceremony.

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Best Design/Playability

Davigo (Davigo Studio)

Best Artistic Direction

Someday You’ll Return (CBE Software)

Best Narrative Direction

Someday You’ll Return (CBE Software)

Best Music

Redout: Space Assault (34BigThings)

Game with Social Impact

Futuraville : Ensemble contre la violence (Triple Boris + ROEQ)

Best Mobile/Tablet Game

Make Ends Meet (Zwinzler Games)

Public’s Favourite

Struggling Chasing rats games)

Best in Show

Someday You’ll Return (CBE Software)

Many thanks to our precious partners who will present the various prizes awarded to the winners.

Winners in each category will receive $1,500 in prize money.

For the Best in Show prize, the winner will receive a $2500 in prize money.

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