The Art of Borderlands 3 : What, Why, and How?

Tuesday, Nov 19 | 10:30 AM

Stage #2



This talk will be a high-level overview of the art of Borderlands 3 from art director Scott Kester. It will go over the core components that went into the look of the game, and touch on many of the elements in the franchise. From the art style itself, to concept art, characters, environments, and of course… guns!

This talk will address questions we asked ourselves during the making of the game: general design philosophies, inspirations, personality, and how that all translated from concept to content. It will use actual examples and process that were used to create the final game assets and provide insight into “why” we made those choices for Borderlands. It will also show how those choices impacted the team as a whole: good and bad. This talk will break down some of our rules, why we have them, and why we typically end up breaking them anyway. But most importantly, it will remind us all to not take ourselves too seriously and embrace the chaos of game development all while retaining our “art-heart” and marching to our own beat.

Scott Kester

Art Director - Gearbox Software