Business attendees

Meet the companies attending MEGA+MIGS 2019


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Academos Exhibitor Education Canada
Activision Inc. Attendee Development studio United States of America
AKATUAPA LTD Attendee Development studio Ghana
Altagram Attendee Development studio Canada
Substance by Adobe Exhibitor Services United States of America
Affordance Studio Exhibitor Development studio/Services Canada
Air Canada Sponsor Air travel Canada
Albedo Informatics Inc. Exhibitor services Canada
Alliance Numérique Exhibitor/MEGA+MIGS' team Services Canada
Altar Creative Inc. Attendee Services Canada
Amazon - AWS Game Tech Exhibitor Services United States of America
AppOnboard Attendee Services United States of America
AptitudeX Exhibitor Services Canada
Augmented Experiences Exhibitor Services Canada
Autoexec games Attendee Development studio Canada
BeamNG GmbH Attendee IT/Development Studio Germany
Beenox Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Behaviour Interactive Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Behold Studio Exhibitor Development studio Brazil
Bell Canada Attendee Services Canada
Charlie Benneth Independant Development studio Australia
Berzerk Studio Exhibitor Development Canada
Bethesda Game Studios Speaker Development studio Canada
Big Blue Bubble Speaker/Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Big Jack's Studio Exhibitor Services Canada
Bigben Interactive Attendee Development Studio France
BKOM Studio Exhibitor Development Studio/Services Canada
Boréalys Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Campus ADN Exhibitor Education Canada
Cardboard Utopia Attendee Development studio Canada
Catalonia Trade & Investment, Canadian Delegation Attendee Delegation Spain
CDRIN Attendee Services Canada
CEIM Exhibitor Government Canada
Center for Economic Growth Attendee Services United States of America
Chasing Rats Games Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Collège Bois-de-Boulogne Exhibitor Education Canada
Compulsion Games Sponsor Development Studio Canada
Coop La Guilde Exhibitor/MEGA+MIGS' team Services Canada
Corpobids Attendee Services Canada
DataMagic Attendee Services Russia
Dawson College Exhibitor Education Canada
Delaware North Attendee Hopsitality United States of America
Desjardins Sponsor Services Canada
Digital Development Management Attendee Development Studio United States of America
Double Stallion Games Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Dream Uncorporated/SYCK Speaker Development Studio/Publisher Colombia
EA Motive Exhibitor/Speaker/Sponsor Development Studio Canada
Eidos Montréal Master Development Studio Canada
EnsenaSoft Attendee Development studio Mexico
Epic Games Exhibitor Services United States of America
Espresso Jobs Exhibitor Services Canada
Export Qc Exhibitor/Sponsor Government Canada
Félix & Paul Exhibitor/Sponsor Development studio Canada
Fika productions Attendee Development studio Canada
Finger Food Advanced Technology Group Attendee Services Canada
Finji Speaker Publisher United States of America
Flawlessloop Studios Inc. Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Fond des Médias Canadiens Exhibitor Government Canada
Framestore - VR Immersive Exhibitor Development studio Canada
France's delegation Exhibitor Delegation France
Frima Sponsor Development studio Canada
Fundamentally Games Master Services United Kingdom
Funky Can Creative Attendee Services Mexico
Gameloft Montréal Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Gearbox Software Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Genvid Technologies Canada Inc. Exhibitor Services Canada
Global Step Exhibitor/Sponsor Services United Kingdom
Goodbye Kansas Game Invest Speaker Services Sweden Exhibitor Development studio United States of America
Hekaton Studio Attendee Services Canada
Hermit QA Attendee Services Canada
Hexany Studio Attendee Services Canada
Homerun PR Attendee Services United States of America
iLLOGIKA Exhibitor Development studio/Services Canada
Infinity Plus Two Speaker Development studio Australia
Innoprofits Exhibitor Services Canada
Insert Coin Exhibitor Services Canada
Invest Quebec Sponsors Services Canada
ISART Digital Exhibitor Education Canada
Kaliko Productions MEGA+MIGS' Team Services Canada
Keywords Studios Montreal Sponsor Services Canada
Kitfox Games Speaker Development Studio Canada
Lab cave Attendee Development studio Spain
Leaseweb GmbH Attendee Development studio Germany
Lightmass Dynamics Attendee/Speaker Services Slovenia
Liminal Esports Master Services Canada
Ludia Inc. Exhibitor/Speaker/Sponsor Development studio Canada
Lucid Dreams Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Manavoid Entertainment Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Massive Damage Inc. Attendee Development studio Canada
Metric Empire Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Mindgeek Canada Attendee Development studio/Services Canada
Montreal International Exhibitor Government Canada
Mountains Speaker Development studio Australia
Multimediarts Inc Attendee Services Canada
NAD Exhibitor Education Canada
NetEase Games Exhibitor Publisher China
NGD Studios Attendee Services Canada
Nintendo of America Attendee Development studio/Publisher United States of America
Nintendo Technology Development Inc. Attendee Development studio United States of America
Nki Attendee Development studio France
Novaquark Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Nutaku Attendee Development studio/Publisher Canada
Onica Exhibitor Services Canada
Ontario Tech University Master Education Canada
Outerminds Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Panache Jeux Numériques Exhibitor/Sponsor/Speaker Development Studio Canada
Peanut Data Master Services Canada
Phantom Compass Attendee Development studio Canada
Phoenix Labs Speaker Development studio Canada
PlayEveryWare Attendee Services United States of America
PLAYMIND Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Playtika Canada Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Pole/Synthèse Exhibitor Services Canada
Polymorph Games Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Power Play Master Services United States of America
PRO Chile Exhibitor Delegation/Services Chile
PubMatic Attendee Services United States of America
Pure Arts Exhibitors Services Canada
Québec International Government/Services Development Studio Canada
Ratloop Games Canada Exhibitor Services Canada
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Sponsor Services Canada
Red Barrels Exhibitor/Main Sponsor Sponsor Canada
Red Queens Speaker Services United Kingdom
Reikon Games Speaker Development Studio Poland
Respawn Entertainment Speaker Development Studio United States of America
RHum Collaborator Services Canada
Rochester Institute of Technology Master Education United States of America
Rogue Factor Attendee Development Studio Canada
Seat 7 Entertainment LLC Attendee Services United States of America
Sega Attendee Development studio/Publisher United States of America
Sleeping Beast Games Exhibitor Development studio/Publisher Canada
Soft Serve Games Attendee Services Germany
Square Enix Master/Sponsor Development studio / Publisher Canada
Sony Electronics Inc. Attendee Development studio United States of America
Starfall Education Attendee Development studio United States of America
Starloop SL Attendee Services Spain
State of Bavaria Montreal Office Exhibitor Delegation Germany
Studios GolemLabs Exhibitor Development studio Canada
Super DOT COM LTD Attendee Services United Kingdom
Tamia Speaker Development studio Canada
Trade Commissioner Service Sponsor Government/Services Canada
Thunder Lotus Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Totema Studio Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Trebuchet Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Triple Boris Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Turbulent Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Ubisoft Montreal Exhibitor Development Studio Canada
Ultracine Studios Attendee Development studio Canada
Union Entertainement Attendee Services United States of America
Unity Technologies Master/Sponsor Services Canada
Universally Speaking Attendee Services United Kindgom
Université de Sherbrooke Exhibitor Education Canada
University of North Carolina Master Education United States of America
UQAC Exhibitor Education Canada
UQAT Exhibitor Education Canada
Vidéotron Exhibitor/Sponsor Services Canada
Ville de Montréal Sponsor Government Canada
VoiceTune / Adapt Attendee Services Ireland
Wako Factory Attendee Development studio France
Warner Brothers Games Sponsor Development studio Canada