How to create your own studio

23 September 2020 September

Presented in french.

Whether you’re just graduating or have been working in a AAA studio for ten years, the thought of opening your own studio has been with you for quite some time. But if knowing how to play good games is your cup of tea, knowing how to do business is another matter.

CEIM and La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec invite you to a webinar that will give you an overview of the multiple facets to consider in order to make your business a success:

  • Legal structure and contracts (Incorporation? Why? Employees or contractors?)
  • Financing (Tax credits, VCs, NRC, FMC, R&D…Who is it? Servicing or not?)
  • Human resources (Who do we pay, how much? How and where do we find the dream team? Company culture? Work climate?)
  • Production management (Are you looking for feature creeping? How do you deliver on time and within budget?)
  • Sales and marketing (To drink you have to sell: know your target customers…and your competitors. And the publishers?)

You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that are burning your lips!

This virtual training will take place during the MEGAMIGS – careers and training on September 25th at 2pm – free entrance – duration 1h30.

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